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Despite the lack of updates, I won't post any new icon today ^^'' I'm just posting a quick notice...

Tomorrow the domain will expire, and me and very86 have decided not to renew it, because we have another domain and we're not updating the qaf site since 2 years anyway. The problem is, half of my old icons and graphics are hosted on that domain so starting tomorrow they will disappear :( I'm sorry for the inconveniece, but I am currently in Japan and I won't be back until october 1st, so I won't be able to fix the problem before that date ^^'
All of the graphics have been saved bu the way and nothing will be lost, so when I will be back home I will do my best to fix all of the broken links! :D
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New icons ^^

I'm soooo lazy ._.
I wanted to update months ago but kept procastinating xD I finally finished my exams and now I 'm "writing my final essay"... but I basically spend my days doing nothing xD
I finally got a paid account! *_* I partecipated to the layout contest at a_ra_shi and got first place for profile code, and since prize was a lovely $25 gift coupon I finally upgrated my account! SO MANY USERPICS *_* And I love the fact that I can now edit my comments!

This is totally random but... I CAN'T BELIEVE SHUKUDAI-KUN IS GOING TO BE CANCELLED! ;___; It was the first arashi show I got addicted to, and that actually made me discover arashi as a group... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW ON MONDAYS?? ;_;
I really hope the new show will be funny as AnS, but I don't think it will be same for me :(
Btw, speaking of Arashi, I have an extra brand new sealed copy of One RE that I don't need so if someone wants to buy it please PM me! :D

Moving on, ICONS! Half of them are "new" arashi icons (very VERY Jun-biased ._.), and the other half really really old icons I made for various contests last year :)

1 - 54: Arashi
55 - 77: Disney
78 - 83: Sailor Moon
84 - 87: Stock
88 - 98: Harry Potter

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I also have some gifs and wallpapers to post, I promise I will try to post them within the end of the week xD
Arashi - We make storm

New layout (and obsession) & icons!

So..umh... it's been a while since my last update xDD I kept thinking "I'll update my LJ" tomorrow and it's been... 6 months? Probably more ._.
The problem in being so lazy is that now I have TONS of icons, walls and other stuff to post. And I need to find some will to do it ._.

1. New layout! I was bored with the last one, so I decided to change it. This time, it features my new obsession: Arashi, a japanese boyband full of awesome, gay, rainbows, and sparkles <3 They have been around for 10 years but I just discovered them last april and spent the last 6 months catching up with their music, concerts and tv shows *_* Altough I've been liking japanese culture and language for the last 6 years I never really cared about its entertainment world... I liked some jpop, but mostly from anime and some movies. Now I spend all of half of my time watching dramas, movies and tv shows and fangirling over arashi... and I like to think that I'm not totally wasting my time, and I'm actually doing some listening excercise to improve my japanese lol. AND IT WORKS BTW!! xDD Oh and I wasn't SO obsessed like 2 months ago... IT'S ALL JAPAN'S FAULT T_T I've been there again this summer doing an homestay for 5 weeks and I came back as a total fangirl ._. I've probably spent more for CDs, DVDs, magazines and pictures than for my airplane ticket xD Now, my room looks like the room of a 13 years old fangirl xD I need help ._.

2. Icons! I have some really old icons to post (old contest entries I made in may) AND some fresh arashi icons ^^ They are a lot, and I'm too lazy to do a huge icon post... so I'll post only the arashi ones, becase I'm not obsessed at all ^_^v  The old ones will come, eventually xDD


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3. I might be probably using this LJ for personal-ish entries ( read: fangirling) from now on , so be prepared xD I might switch to semi-friends only, I still don't know -- icons and graphics will remain public though ^.^

4. Next update will feature some wallpapers, some new-and-old icons and texture set I've made from some fireworks pictures I took in Japan! ^_^


Huge icon post O_O

Well, I'm not dead xD

In the last months I was kind of blocked, and only made few icons for icontest... I was always thinking "I need to update my lj" but I was too lazy and procrastinated untill now xD So, now I find myself with 150 new icons from the last 4 months ^_^
A couple of days ago I also tried to buy a paid account. I have wanted it for months and finally decided to buy it, but after I filled the form woth my name, credit card and all I got an error and I have no idea of what that means :(
"Permesso negato: The security information from your card does not match the information you entered. Please go back and try again. Please note that a $1.00 charge may appear on your statement temporarily from the authorization attempt."
I used a debit card and all the informations entered were right! Anyone know the reason of the error? :(

Moving on to the icons now... as I said, 99% of them was made for icontests and the remaining 1% are requests for some friends!

1 - 33: Gossip Girl
34 - 50: Harry Potter (movies and actors)
51 - 96: Stock
97 - 141: Disney various
141 - 153: Random (Queer as folk, Moulin rouge, Mamma mia, Big love, Twilight)


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Oh and of course, I'm always looking for talended icon makers at damngoodicons, we are more than 50 members now, but more would be awesome! :)
Blair Waldorf


I know, I know. I'm a really bad person ;_; I haven't posted anything in moths...
that's because I haven't made a decent icon since august ;_; I really want to stard iconize again, I just need to find some inspiration!
In the mean time, I'm posting some old icons I still had on my hard drive :)

1- 13:
Gossip Girl
14 - 31: Harry Potter
32 - 75: Disney


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Last, some nice pimping! First, disney_hush is starting it's 7th lims so don't forget to apply if you love disney icons!
Second, I'm always looking for talented icon makers at damngoodicons ... I'm really happy for all the new members I had in the last months but I could always use more! ;)

Arashi - We make storm

Japan I'm coooming!! *_*

I'm leaving for Japan in a couple of hours and I really can't wait to be on that plane *__* I will stay two days in Tokyo, then I will go to Kamakura where I'll work in a orphanage for 10 days :) Then, I'll go to Tokyo again xD
I wanted to post some icons too, but Photoshop hates me and I hate him and I couldn't make a decent icon in the last two weeks :( I hope things will be better when I will return xD

See ya in september! :D
(and let me pimp damngoodicons some more while I'm here xD)

Arashi - We make storm

Back home and icons and pimping!

...but leaving again in two weeks xD
I came back from Mexico a couple of days ago and jet lag is still killing me -_- I really enjoyed the holiday, I stayed in HUGE hotel (There was a BUS connecting parts of it O__O), the wheater was nice almost everyday (I consider 3 days of downpour out of 15 of holiday a nice whater xD) and I visited a lot of interesting places *_* AND, most important thing, I bought Queer as Folk dvds which are not avalaible in Italy *___* Those are my early birthday present! :D
Well, after boring you with something you probably don't care about, I'm posting some old icons! :D
But first, some nice pimping xD I'm your new shiny mod at damngoodicons     and I would love to have more members so c'mon peolpe, don't be shy and apply!! :D

damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons  damngoodicons 


01 - 65: Stock
66 - 84: Gilmore Girls
85 - 106: Gossip Girl

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100 icons - Japan - finished!

I can't believe I've finished this challenge in time! I made 39 icons in less than two days since tomorrow morning at 6 am (!!!!) I'll leave for Mexico *_* See you guys in august! :D


Subject: Japan.
Status: 100/100 ; Batch #5
Themes: 70/70

New Themes:
Eternity, Sweet, Fate, Sadness, Magical, Silence, Memories, Unique
Frame, Happiness, Hope, Love, Passion, Pain, Sunshine, Stars,
Text, Time, Texture, Wild.